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I can not even imagine what harm is caused by the human body, which is smoked, for example, 30 years in a row, and now will not be able to smoke not only in the plane (which is understandable, since there is no way to separate the people, say, asthma, from people without it), but also in a special closed, tiny, dehumanizing the gas chamber, which by coincidence was wacky earlier written "smoking area", for example, at the Domodedovo airport.

I can not imagine what harm is caused by the human body, which has a relationship (totally, I note, legal) to nicotine, when he said: swim on the ship in the tourist cruise? Well, do not smoke there a couple of weeks, you should. But I can not imagine what harm is done to those who organized these cruises. I can imagine what kind of damage is done to us - my fellow restaurateurs. I can imagine what harm is caused by the establishment, which for years did everything to feel equally comfortable and to smokers and nonsmokers. And I do not understand why I should now be for them, for all to decide to smoke or not.

I do not smoke. Absolutely. I do not like being smoky. I do not like the smell smoky curtains and clothing. And time has not cleaned the ashtray. But the more I do not like being limited freedom. I do not know exactly who smoke prevented people in a separate room. I do not know who prevented this monstrous smoking room at the airport. I know that quite a lot of people just stop now go to cafes and clubs. And I think a lot of cafes and clubs just close.

Because the people who write on Facebook "But in Europe," I think, have little idea of ​​what's inside the restaurant business in the Europe itself. People who write: "Well, winter obogrevalki buy gas, that it was possible to smoke on the street," I think not imagine the economy and pricing in Russian restaurants. People in general, I think, have little idea that should make owners of cafes and restaurants, to somehow survive in a situation where these cafes and restaurants literally every day organize new challenges and obstacles. Want to put tables on the street? Yeah, schyaz. Want to paint the facade of a beautiful color? What, seriously, what? Want to hang a good sign? What are you, it is a monument of architecture, and we also care about wildly historic appearance of the city, what do you like a little. So, finally, I would like to appeal to, so to say, an appeal to all non-smoking people. Dear, let's you, please now go to become a favorite cafes and restaurants is 10 times more than before? To them - us - support. Because non-smokers now go to cafes and clubs much less. This - the fact.

Looked transfer "Gordon Quixote", dedicated to smoking. And he, as a smoker, ask questions, and why, in fact, it is our right to restrict? I have over 20 years legally possess cigarettes, which, with the approval of state and government are produced and sold, wherever possible, and thus have no right to use them wherever I need. A simple example. I smoke a cigarette about every 30-40 minutes, I need it, but if I fly in an airplane, I do not smoke on board an aircraft, regardless of duration.
Passive smoking is injurious to health? But Alexander Gordon cited as an argument to one of the scientific results of the research institutions, where it is proved that the non-smoker to consume the products of combustion of one cigarette, you need to hold tightly smoky room 100! Over 4 days!


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